“Haleh is one of the most conscientious hair stylists I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.  Not only is she highly skilled at what she is doing, but she is extremely professional.  She cares about her clients and is committed to delivering the very best.  Haleh is definitely a perfectionist and does the best work I have ever seen.  My hair has never looked so perfect.”

“I have curly/frizzy hair and Haleh’s blow drys are off the charts.  Haleh cuts, colors and highlights my hair and she is so amazing and brilliant with all of these aspects that I just let her do what she likes.  She is the professional and who could know better what looks good.”

“Amazing hair expert with color, cut and curly hair! I contacted Haleh when I first moved to LA as I was referred to her as a colorist with expertise in curly hair, meaning: “mean manes!”   She did an amazing job to the point that my hair looks even better than before I moved! What are the chances of anyone changing your trusted hair dresses and not being scared!??

Only with a professional as Haleh who tells you what looks best for you, gives you options and makes you feel at home. She even tells you how to take better care of your hair and how to style it.  I have been back again and again and I can’t think of anybody to deal with my “head” therapy!”

“Simply stated, Haleh is true perfection.  As a stylist she is genius, but where Haleh really shines is as a compassionate and kind friend with a great sense of humor.  I have my appointments pre-booked for every two weeks from now until sometime in to 2025!”

“I used to neglect my hair because of the fear of being disappointed by yet another bad hair style.  I would often go to the salon with these big hopes, only to be let down with a bad haircut or a hair color that was a little different than the one I envisioned.  I decided to go to Haleh after reading recommendations on a website for curly hair.  I was apprehensive, but nearly four years and countless comments about my “beautiful hair” later, I can honestly say that going to see Haleh was the best decision I ever made!

For me, it was important to have someone who understood the needs of my curly hair, and I was amazed at what an expert she was!  But what makes Haleh such a great stylist is not just her ability to understand my hair, but to understand ALL hair!  This of course comes from the fact that she is passionate about her work and loves what she does.

I’m sure you will be able to tell from the moment you walk through the door what a great stylist she is, when she stops and actually talks with you about YOUR hair and what YOU want!  As “common sense” as this would seem, I’ve rarely seen it done by other stylists, and that alone makes it worth the visit!  Beyond just your hair, a session with Haleh is kind of like hair-therapy as you get to take a step away from the world, have someone pamper you, have some fun conversation, and then walk away with what I guarantee is the best hairstyle of your life!

I could go on and on about what a great job Haleh will do, but you will have to see for yourself.  In the meantime, I’ll be the girl walking around with that fabulously cut and colored hair that many envy!”